Felipe J. Caballero
Felipe J. Caballero, Funeral Director

Graceland Funeral Home and Cremation Services has been a recognizable name in Miami funeral service since 1936. We’ve been at our same location for nearly thirty years, and we celebrated our newly renovated facility in 2015, inviting our neighbors to experience our warm and homey atmosphere, which creates the perfect setting for honoring and remembering loved ones.

Graceland is proud to be a part of the Bridges Funeral Services family of funeral care providers, known nationwide for their quality and compassionate service.

Upholding the traditions of our community is one of our key values. Our Funeral Director, Felipe J. Caballero, is a Miami native and a fifth generation funeral director. He has served in the funeral care industry in Miami for over twenty years, and he is known for serving his neighbors with excellence, empathy, and professionalism.